Who we are

Priviti is a global software company, with a focus on authentication and authorisation.

We think that when people make payments, or have to prove their identity, they want to be able to use authentication software that they know is absolutely trustworthy. At the same time, they want to be in control of their own personal data. They want to be able to authorise access when necessary, and for particular purposes. Retailers and service providers want their customers to be able to authorise payments easily and safely, but also through a system that is flexible enough to allow future changes.

We have therefore built our authentication software to be trustworthy and reliable. It is simple for customers to use, and it's simple for service providers, merchants and retailers to implement. It is also flexible enough to run on existing platforms, and to allow future value-added services.

Priviti was established in early 2016 with with the belief that people deserve complete & transparent control over their data. Whether its financial services, retail or Identity & Access Management - Priviti provides the mechanism that enables data to move securely, regardless of what industry it happens to be in.