Priviti is a patented solution to manage granular consent for data sharing securely in real time.

Priviti enables any company to obtain, verify and match data-rich consent transaction by transaction with audit trails for compliance, dispute resolution and analytics. It never shares, stores or monetises sensitive credentials. Manage complex data sharing agreements and power multi-vertical ecosystems and marketplaces with our fully configurable consent management system, or build your own solutions around Priviti’s full API suite. Our vision is to set the global standard for consent management across industries so businesses and consumers can share data with trust.

Manage consent for data sharing simply and securely with Priviti:

  • obtains, verifies and matches consent without recording, storing or monetising sensitive credentials
  • delivers state-of-the-art security and encryption for the entire consent management process
  • cloud-based or on premises deployment and seamlessly integrates with existing platforms
  • utilises a fully configurable authorisation request token to bind users to each transaction
  • full audit trails of consent request, grant and revoke for compliance and analytics