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Our purpose

To protect personal and proprietary data.

Our vision

To set a global standard for data sharing and consent management.

Leadership team


Gerard Barry

Founder & Group CEO
Gerard is an entrepreneur with a strong track record in developing and commercialising proprietary payments technologies. Gerard founded Fintrax Group in 1985,
one of the leading global VAT refund companies operating in 31 countries. In 2012, Gerard sold Fintrax Group to Exponent, a UK private equity fund, for $220m. In 1999 Gerard developed, patented and commercialised "Automatic Dynamic Currency Conversion" technology and launched complementary DCC services for acquirers.
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Director of Essential Services
Maureen has worked within the fintech industry for many years. She is a former executive and board member of Fintrax Group, a leading global VAT refund and
multicurrency payment company. As one of its first employees Maureen was an integral part of the company’s establishment and expansion. Maureen has significant operations experience which includes the development of new departments, policies and services. Her management portfolio includes corporate governance, human resources, customer service, facility management, data processing and multicurrency payments.
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Head of Technology
Greg and his team at Fathom have been instrumental in helping to bring the vision of Priviti to life. Greg has overseen the design and development
of the platform since its inception and various iterations. Fathom work closely with Priviti to help shape the architecture, design, security, scalability. They have helped develop the platform such that it can be used by multiple verticals including financial institutions and has been developed in a manner ensuring security, scalability and fault tolerance. The platform was deployed and designed in a way to allow portability to multiple cloud platforms or on-premises hosting.
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