Comply with global data privacy
regulations including the GDPR

We can help you ensure your company complies with global data privacy regulations and technical standards.
Priviti’s experienced team works with global data standards and regulatory bodies to ensure its technology and methods comply with data sharing and privacy legislation and regulations, including Open Banking, PSD2, Instant Payments and GDPR.
Priviti never sees, shares or sells your customers’ personally identifiable information.

Reduce operational costs, disputes, manual processes and risk, with automated systematic consent capture, recording & management and compliant data transfer.


Increase revenue and UX: with superior customer growth, loyalty, experience, product offerings and trust, in turn generating larger transaction volumes and values.


De-risk third-party data sharing & collaboration and onboard partners quickly.

Benefits for your customers

Increase their control over how, when and why data is shared, fully confident their private information remains confidential.


Enhance security - with Priviti data is only transferred if specific consent has been obtained.


Reduce risk of sensitive data being stored and exposed.

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