National or Local Government and Healthcare

Any paper/plastic card document e.g. Social Security, Driver’s licence, passport etc are easily counterfeited


A police officer requires a driver to provide his/her driving licence
  • App on the police officers device displays a unique once off Shared_Code received from the central Driving Licence Matching Server.
  • The Shared_Code is captured onto the driver’s device app sending both the driver’s unique app-id and the Shared_Code in a first message to the Matching Server.
  • The driver separately enters their driver’s Secret_Code into the police officer’s app sending both the Secret-Code and the Shared_Code via separate second channel to the Matching Server
  • Provided both Shared_Codes received via the two distinct channels match and likewise the coupled driver’s app_id and Secret_Code exactly match the app-id and Secret_Code driver on-boarded registered record in the Driving Licence authority’s data base, then a copy of the driving licence is displayed on the police officer’s app.
The same approach can be used whenever a genuine id needs to be produced such as a Passport, Social Security (including a plastic ID card itself always counterfeitable).

Has applicability for KYC requirements also.

A variant can be used for health records (including a GP authorising patient health records to a consultant/surgeon if patient is too ill to do so).