Capture, record and manage
customer consent for data sharing

Priviti can be integrated and deployed via the cloud (AWS) or on premises for thousands of use cases.
Priviti’s API-based platform enables companies to capture, record and manage consent for data sharing, transfer data to third parties securely and reduce compliance risk.

Priviti empowers your customers with the ability to give their data sharing or transaction consent with the click of a button.
It gives you full audit trails, proving that consent was obtained and enables safe, automated data sharing with third parties with audit trails.

Our patented technology – a set of APIs and algorithms – powers scalable, real-time data sharing with explicit consumer consent captured, recorded and managed. Using tokenised, encrypted data split over two channels for security, Priviti captures, records and manages consent for specific data sharing.
Once Priviti has matched and verified authorisation request tokens containing a specific request and the consenters’ corresponding agreement to release confidential credentials, a full audit trail record of its granting is automatically generated whilst the execution of the consented action – sharing specific data or completing a financial transaction is simultaneously effected.

This data can be shared with the requesting party or another third-party partner. Users manage their own consent preferences.
Priviti never sees, shares or sells your customers’ personally identifiable information.

Reduce operational costs, disputes, manual processes and risk, with automated systematic consent capture, recording & management and compliant data transfer.


Increase revenue and UX: with superior customer growth, loyalty, experience, product offerings and trust, in turn generating larger transaction volumes and values.


De-risk third-party data sharing & collaboration and onboard partners quickly.

Benefits for your customers

Increase their control over how, when and why data is shared, fully confident their private information remains confidential.


Enhance security - with Priviti data is only transferred if specific consent has been obtained.


Reduce risk of sensitive data being stored and exposed.

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